Prof. Paschalis Rugarabamu - DDS, MDent, MBA. Vice Chancellor - CUHAS

Message from Vice Chancellor

CUHAS evisions becoming an outstanding Tanzanian Catholic University, leading in health care, training, research and consultancies, while advocating moral and ethical values in responding to societal needs.
The University recognises that the role it has committed itself to (training human resources in health and health-related professions) is a longterm commitment to contribute to increasing the much needed human capital in the health sector, while increasing research output and community services along the same lines.Read More



The Catholic University of Health and Allied Sciences - Bugando (CUHAS-BUGANDO) is located at Bugando Hill, within the Bugando Medical Centre (BMC) premises in Mwanza. Our core business is training, research and consultancy services. We train health professionals in the fields of Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory Sciences, Nursing and Public Health through our Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and PhD programmes. Our students include local and international/foreign students from all walks of life..Read More



Research is one of the core functions of CUHAS. This is embodied within the mission of the institution in which the University pledges to be “a centre of excellence providing high quality education, research and services in the field of health sciences”. Research in an institution of higher learning, such as CUHAS, serves many purposes that relate to Training, Services Provision to Society and Human Resource Development.

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Each year in November, CUHAS-BUGANDO organizes a Scientific Conference, as one of the events of the Graduation Week. This year will see our 11th Scientific Conference taking place in Mwanza. An Abstract Book is produced containing the presentations made and the posters exhibitedduring the event. The attendance includes local and international researchers and offers also the possibility to students to showcase their research. Multiple partners, both local enterprises and institutions and international partners, financially support the event. This event offers a platform to exchange research information among scientists working in the country, in the East-African Region and scientists from international settings, and illustrates the research capacity of CUHAS and its network of successful collaborations.

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PhD Scholarships - Call for applications



Multidrug-Resistant Uropathogens Causing Community Acquired Urinary Tract Infections among Patients Attending Health Facilities in Mwanza and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Vitus Silago, Nyambura Moremi, Majigo Mtebe, Erick Komba, Salim Masoud, Fauster X. Mgaya, Mariam M. Mirambo, Helmut A. Nyawale, Stephen E. Mshana & Mecky Isaac Matee
Quality of life among out-patients with long-term indwelling urinary catheter attending Urology Clinic at a Tertiary Hospital in Northwestern Tanzania
Asteria L. M. Ndomba, Rose M. Laisser, Eveline T.Konje, Vitus Silago, Joseph R. Mwanga & Stephen E. Mshana
Prevalence of HIV and associated risk factors among street-connected children in Mwanza city
Said Nyumayo,Eveline Konje,Benson Kidenya,Anthony Kapesa,Marko Hingi,Nyagwegwe Wango,Joshua Ngimbwa,Violeth Alphonce,Namanya Basinda
Histopathological Evaluation of the Microtomy Artifacts on Haematoxylin and Eosin Section; Hospital Based Cross-Sectional Study
Oscar Ottoman,Shaban Urassa,Edrick Elias,Jeffer Bhuko, Aron O. Isay
Ventriculoperitoneal shunt placement complicated by concurrent hydrothorax and hydrocele formation in a 4-yearold boy managed for congenital communicating hydrocephalus at a tertiary referral hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania
Georgina G. Balyorugulu, James Lubuulwa
First Aid Kit Uses among Commuter Bus Attendants in Nyamagana District, Mwanza City
Namanya Basinda, Giveness Zacharia, Joshua Patrick Ngimbwa, Joshua Patrick Ngimbwa, Stanley Mwita
Morphological Patterns of Traumatic Head Injury in Medicolegal Autopsies at Muhimbili National Hospital, Dar ES Salaam Tanzania
Oscar Ottoman,Amos R Mwakigonja,Peter F. Rambau
Female Genital Schistosomiasis, a Neglected Differential of Cervical Precancerous and Cancerous Lesion: a Wake-up Call for on-Job Training for Healthcare Workers in Endemic Areas
Kaizilege GK, Kiritta, Chuma, Ndaboine, Ottoman, Elias, Zinga and Mazigo
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