»  The unit focus on addressing the impacts and the way human health is affected by the world around and also how our activities affect the health of the world in order to achieve and sustain the Millennium Development Goals (i.e., MDGs).

» Environment has an effect on the way people view the world and the choices they make, this had made people to make decisions basing on the availability and affordability of resources. It is on this basis therefore the Unit addresses Environmental and Occupational health of the community without jeopardizing the rights of individuals to secure a livelihood (Occupational Health Issues).

» Since disaster do occur in the environment in which the human being live, some of the disaster are natural and some are man-made therefore man must handle the Environmental with care in a friendly manner.

Students and Stakeholders become knowledgeable in:

  1. Understanding the relationship between Health and Environment
  2. Occupational Health hazards as related to their occupation
  3. Disaster effects and disaster preparedness and
  4. Disaster effects and disaster preparedness.

The unit enhance teachings in:

  1. Environmental Health
  2. Occupational Health
  3. Disaster Management and Preparedness