The Directorate of Planning, Business Development and Investment was established to guide and oversee all university activities related to planning, business development and investment. The Directorate is responsible for developing, evaluating and monitoring the implementation of the University Rolling Strategic plan. The progress of the Rolling Strategic plan will be evaluated bi-annually and shared among respective stakeholders from time to time. In its role of coordinating income generation activities, the Directorate will operationalize a Consultancy Unit to specifically integrate consultancies into the University Revenue Sources. The DPBDI shall continue to guide and help departments, schools, directorates and institutes to develop and implement income generation plans and activities.

Dr.Elias Nyanza,PhD
Director – Planning, Business Development and Investment
The DPBDI aims to deliver high quality and cost-effective University core services for better outcomes. We are committed to ensure that delivery of good quality services that respond rapidly and effectively to continuously changing needs, demands and pressures in respect to Planning, Business Development and Investment. We shall continue to provide high quality advice and support to the CUHAS management and other stakeholders, that is flexible, proportionate and responsive to changing business need.



The directorate envisions to provide a diversity of sustainable Income generation activities that promote high quality and cost effective University core services in teaching, research and consultancy.


The Planning, Business Development and Investment directorate was established to ensure sustainability of high quality and cost effective core services in teaching, research and consultancy for better outcomes for our students, residents, and customers. The DPBDI supports the leadership of the University to set strategic direction and enables the university to deliver, responding to external challenges, including financial pressures and changes in the operating environment. Our Directorate plays a significant role in the development of the University Business Plan, sets out annual priorities to support the whole University to deliver significant change.

Functions of DPBDI

1. In liaison with the Estates unit, the DPBDI will develop and continuously review expansion targets including physical infrastructure.
2. The Directorate is responsible in coordinating and controlling the planning and effective, and efficient utilization of all resources.
3. The Directorate is responsible in developing and monitoring the implementation of Rolling Strategic Plans and disseminate the findings to respective stakeholders.
4. The Directorate shall Initiate, Develop and Oversee the implementation of all development projects.
5. The Directorate shall provide technical advise to the management on appropriate rent and fees to be charged to entities wishing to rent space or operate within CUHAS premises.
6. The DPBDI is responsible in Marketing University facilities (e.g. investment land, land property, housing) in consistency with University policy.
7. The DPBDI serve as secretariat to the planning and finance and any other relevant sub-committee.
8. The DPBDI serves as a custodian of all university policies, regulations and guidelines and monitor their implementation.
9. The DPBDI shall create, manage and effectively use and publicize University statistics.
10. The DPBDI shall prepare annual budgets in liaison with the CUHAS Chief accountant/Bursar.
11. The DPBDI shall provide technical advice on all planning and development undertakings at CUHAS.
12. The DPBDI shall seek opportunities for the University to invest in profitable corporate ventures with trusted stakeholders.
13. The DPBDI shall take initiatives to search for investors on University land and other assets owned by CUHAS.
14. The DPBDI work on suggesting effective strategies for mobilizing resources for implementation of University plans.
15. The DPBDI works with the university management in liaison with the Procurement unit to develop Cost-Cutting measures and monitor their implementation.


  • Continue to innovatively develop and expand University targets.
  • Management and publicizing of University statistics to respective stakeholders
  • Participating in University academic ranking.
  • Planning for resource mobilization.
  • Planning on cost effective utilization of University resources.
  • Preparation of the University Annual Budget
  • Preparation, Monitoring and Evaluation of University Rolling Strategic Plans.


CUHAS has adequate well experienced repository of academicians and research fellows to offer the following consultancy activities:

  • Visiting Faculty in Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Health Sciences
  • Examiners for Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Health Sciences
  • Curricular Evaluation
  • Program and Project Evaluation (Baseline, Midline, and Endline)
  • Program and Project Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Research activities
  • Financial Reports and Financial Auditing
  • ICT services and Training


  • Student Hostels
  • Conference Halls at Kabuhoro and Kahama-Buswelu campuses
  • Residential Apartments for Interns, Medical Residents and Postgraduates students
  • Research and Diagnostic Laboratories


58, Lorem Lis Street, Central Ave
New York, US

Phone: 938 334 6049
Fax: 938 334 6050