Message from Vice Chancellor

For the next three academic years 2019/2020 to 2021/2022, which coincides with the Vice Chancellor’s second term; The University’s focus will be to make further investment in facilitating high quality training, relevant and impactful research and consultancy services that continue to drive us towards realising our Mission.We have challenged ourselves to continue improving the learning and social envornment for our students including investing in a modern Students’ Centre and a Post-graduate Block. We will continue to recruit the much needed qualified faculty and support staff to increase out capacity in quality service delivery.
Furthermore, we shall maintain our compliance to regulatory standards as benchmarks, while differentiating ourselves from our competitors by providing a modern, efficient and friendly learning envirnment, and retaining the learning experience that is unique to Bugando.
The University has introduced a new Bachelors degree in Medical Imaging & Radiotherapy and a Masters degree in Clinical Microbiology & Molecular Biology . In the next three years we plan to start other new programmes including Masters of Science in Epidemiology & Health Research, Master of Medicine in Pathology, Master of Medicine in Orthopedics & Trauma, and other Super-specialized programmes.The goal is to address the identified professional gaps in the health sector while increasing career opportunities for students from around the Lake Zone, elsewhere in Tanzania and beyond.
CUHAS is a place where students are educated to become responsible, caring professionals and law-abiding citizens, during and after training. All students should expect this as part and parcel of your everyday professional upbringing, as you diligently work to attain good grades. Discipline, Diligence and Excellence should be aspirational qualities for every student who chooses to study at CUHAS.
We hope that your time at CUHAS will be a productive, positively memorable and a worthwhile investment in your future career and life in general.


CUHAS-Bugando, as a Constituent University College of SAUT, became operational in September 2003. It was granted a Certificate of Interim Authority (CIA) on the 28th March 2002 and a Certificate of Provisional Registration (CPR) on 27th March 2003. By 2005 the College was firmly established and accorded full registration status by the Tanzania Commission of Universities (TCU). The Commission at its 53rd meetingapproved a request from SAUT to transform the College to a full-fledged university and granted CUHAS-Bugando a Certificate of Full Registration.
At its inception it was envisaged that it would be organized in faculties, institutes and directorates. In 2009/2010 it decided to go into a school mode and therefore established four schools: The Weill Bugando School of Medicine (which replaces the Faculty of Medicine), A School of Pharmacy, the Archbishop Anthony Mayala School of Nursing, and a School of Public Health. The new Schools had their first intake in the Academic Year 2010/2011.The Institute of Allied Health Sciences was established within the Bugando University of Health Sciences in 2006/2007.

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