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Bugando - Mwanza, Tanzania

Directorate of Information Systems

Directorate of ICT

In the past twenty years, ICT has changed fundamentally both in the practice and education in medicine. Large hospitals are completely dependent on ICT systems to run - Accounts, Digitised Radiography, Laboratory Ordering, Processing and Reporting Systems, Electronic Patient Record Systems, etc. These are now integral parts of how hospitals function. Likewise there are considerable advances in the use of ICT in medical education. In very general terms the uses of ICTs in medical education are to link learners, instructors, specific course materials and/or information resources. Thus, an ICT directorate is a critical component of any medical centre and/or University of this magnitude. In its endeavour to bring improvement in ICT to its environment, the ICT Department recently conducted a situational analysis of the WBUCHS and BMC infrastructure, hardware and operating software with a view of proposing a way forward to enhance its infrastructure and operations. To this end it is proposed to implement several projects. These include:

»A high speed communication infrastructure by way of a Fibre Backbone to all its Campuses,
»Comprehensive Hospital Information System (HIS),
» An Automated Library System and
»Video Conferencing.

It is envisaged that this will assist the sister institutions to achieve their intended goals in applying ICT in their day to day operations; and possibly become a model to be emulated by similar institutions in Tanzania and beyond.
Once fully established the ICT Directorate is mandated to provide leadership in the development, management and use of ICT in the University. The Directorate will be responsible for:
  • Development and implementation of ICT Policies, Strategies and Standards
  • Support of the university’s ICT Infrastructure and the management and day-to-day operation of:
    • The Network Operating Centre,
    • The university’s fiber optic backbone,
    • Computer Labs,
    • Telephone System.
    The Directorate has an oversight responsibly for the Setup, Administration, Troubleshooting and Problem Resolution of PCs, Printers, Servers, Networks and Communications systems.

  • University Email System
  • Providing Internet Access
  • Providing the technical support of the WBUCHS Website
  • Promoting the use of e-learning tools
  • Basic ICT Training for staff and students
  • ICT Advisory Services
The administration and management of Directorate is organized as follows:Computer Systems: Repairs and maintenance of computers, printers, etc, Data Centre Operations, Server Administration, Technical Support of computer labs, Systems security, Power supply systems.

»Telecoms & networking: Technical Support of LANs, WANs and Phone systems; Network Administration; Email, Internet access.
»Student Computing: Overall management of student access and use of computers at ICT centre, Faculties/School, Halls of Residence etc
»Training: ICT Training of end-users (staff and students)
»Information & Support: Help Desk: Provide a one-stop point for problem calls and resolution, requestsand information about ICT services; Vendor contacts for problem resolution
»Learning & Research: Overall development, delivery and support of virtual Teaching, Learning and Research systems ,College web site, e-learning and Intranet application.
»Outreach: Linking with other higher education, national and international organisations to contribute to development of ICT education.